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Best of Phoenix

We hope you enjoy all of the tasty vegan food that the Valley has to offer! These are our picks for the best 88 food finds in the Phoenix area, keeping in mind that we chose a variety of options reflecting sweet, salty, savory, and spicy treats from local stores, bakeries, and national chains. (Since menus change from time to time, dishes may vary from their descriptions listed below).

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  1. “Chicken” Po-Boys and Sandwiches from Green (Tempe and Phoenix) The award-winning Secret BBQ Chicken Sandwich is worth checking out as is the Original Spicy “G” Po-boy (spicy buffalo “chicken” and creamy mayo with lettuce and tomato). Craving an Italian twist? Then the No Harm Chicken Parm Sandwich is for you.

    green bbq sandwich

  2. 10” Calzones with Vegan Cheese from Pizza Heaven Bistro Oozing with dairy-free cheese, these calzones are absolutely fantastic! Add vegan sausage crumbles for an even tastier treat.

  3. Tsoynamis from Green (Tempe) and Nami Vanilla soft-serve ice-cream blended with mix-ins that you can customize or choose from a variety of tantalizing flavors including: Rocky Road, Vegan Ts’mores, Soy Capitan (vegan cap’n crunch and strawberries), and Coffee Coco Loco. Want an extra bonus? Many of the ingredients are organic.

    green tsoynami

  4. Cupcake Wars’ award-winning cupcakes by Cruelty Free CupcakesOrder these marvelous desserts online or stop by The Coffee Shop at Agritopia which serves rotating vegan flavors like Chocolate w/ Chocolate Buttercream, Vanilla Bean, Almond Joy, Strawberry Cheesecake, Turtle, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pina Colada, and Toffee Nut. Some of the best cupcakes we’ve ever had! Be sure to call ahead to make sure they're not sold out.

  5. Vegetarian Citrus Spare Rib from Fresh Mint “Ribs” covered in a refreshing citrus ginger sauce.

    fresh mint spare ribs

  6. Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge from Whole Foods (7111 E. Mayo Rd., Scottsdale – available at the coffee bar and bakery) and (2955 West Ray Rd., Chandler – available in the bakery). This divine dessert is a definite do!

  7. Vegan breakfast specials from Pomegranate CaféSavory and sweet options using seasonal and organic ingredients when possible. Chive biscuits and gravy featured below.

    pomegranate chive biscuits and gravy

  8. Spicy Buffalo “Wings” from Green (Tempe and Phoenix) Meaty wings with a bite to them…great for dipping in the accompanying side of creamy ranch dressing.

  9. Vegan PizzaBerkeley Vegan Pizza from ZPizza (made with tasty Gardein™ Burger Crumbles, the ever-popular Daiya cheese, organic crust, and organic tomato sauce - pricey but good); Pizza Vegan Delight from Pizza Heaven Bistro (one of our favorites); and Build Your Own Pizza with Daiya vegan cheese from Mellow Mushroom, where you can help yourself to creative toppings like jerk tofu and tempeh.

  10. Doughnuts at Nami on Wednesday and SundaysDecadent desserts guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth throughout the week!

  11. Coconut Sorbet from Sweet RepublicSmooth and velvety with real flakes of coconut. Tastes more like gelato than sorbet. Offered daily at Sweet Republic and at most Whole Foods.

  12. Gardein™ Orange Peel Chicken from Yard HouseGardein™ products have surged in popularity since being featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

  13. Breakfast BurritosCheck out the tasty Tofu Burrito from Wy-Knot Cafe which comes with a delicious side of salsa or the Breakfast Burrito from 24 Carrots, which is made with seasonal, local, and organic ingredients. Since everything is prepared from scratch for each order, keep in mind that the wait may be a bit longer at 24 Carrots.

  14. Baked Pasties from the Cornish Pasty CompanyThe vegan pasties are a must as is the side garden salad with delicious vegan lemon pesto dressing.

  15. Vegan Tamales from The Tamale StoreMoist and flavorful, these tamales are terrific.

  16. Thee “Argentine” Po-boy from Green (Tempe and Phoenix)Good comfort food with a generous amount of vegetarian steak-like strips and creamy mayo (egg-free of course) along with peppers and onions. Add mozzarella or cheddar Daiya cheese for just a buck more.

  17. Spicy Cha Cha from Loving Hut (Central Phoenix and Glendale)One of their top sellers. Think shrimp tempura on a bed of veggies with spicy seasoning. Clean, crisp, and quirky atmosphere.

  18. Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps from P.F. Chang’sDefinitely not your typical veggie wrap, this starter pleases even the pickiest palate and like all P.F. Chang’s offerings, can be spiced up with their dipping sauce.

  19. Gobi ManchurianFrom Udupi, Madras Ananda Bhavan, or Café Krishna. Try this fried and breaded cauliflower in a scrumptious chili pepper-based sauce.

  20. Chili Cheese Fries from Green (Tempe and Phoenix)Add mozzarella or cheddar Daiya cheese to the chili fries and you’ve got rich, salty goodness!

  21. Kung Pao Soy Chicken from Fresh MintA top-seller that gets raves from omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

  22. Coconut curry dishesThe Arizona Heat Wave from Malee's Thai Bistro is a stand-out as far as red coconut curries are concerned while P.F. Chang’s Coconut Curry Vegetables never disappoints. (Ask for the five-spice pressed tofu in place of the standard silken tofu if you want a meatier texture). For a bit of a twist, try the Coconut Curried Tofu dish from Breadfruit. Countless authentic Thai restaurants like Thai E-San offer amazing coconut curry dishes as well. Just be sure to ask whether they can prepare the dishes with no fish sauce or fish-based oyster sauce, keeping in mind that some oyster sauce is actually oyster-free like the kind that P.F. Chang’s uses.

  23. Crepes (vegan version) from Pita Jungle Tempe location During weekend brunch only. Sweet and satisfying!

  24. Verduras de Temporado from Gallo Blanco CaféSoft-shelled tacos brimming with veggies, guac, and some of the best pico de gallo in town. Just ask for no cotija in the guac.

  25. Baked Ziti with Soy Cheese and Vegan Sausage from Pizza Heaven BistroCheesy baked ziti in a delightful marinara sauce with a bit of a kick to it. Served piping hot!

  26. Tacos Vivos from Pomegranate CaféTwo purple cabbage leaves stuffed with walnut meat, tomato & "nacho" cheese and served with mango salsa, guacamole & kale salad. A scrumptious organic and raw dish!

    pomegranate tacos

  27. Yankee Doodle (gluten-free) from NamiBest way to characterize this dessert is crème filling sandwiched between two Snickerdoodle cookies.

    green yankee doodle

  28. Indian buffetsUdupi and Café Krishna. Favorites include dosa/dosai (crepes filled with potatoes and seasonings, while some include vegetables), hearty soups, and chickpea, lentil and tomato-based dishes. Please inquire which items are vegan.

  29. Seared Eggplant from Bombay Spice Grill and WineMelt-in-your-mouth yumminess and nice atmosphere to boot.

  30. The specials at Green (Tempe and Phoenix) Constantly changing and oh so good!

  31. BBQ Vermicelli from Loving Hut (Glendale location) Made with delicious barbeque soy protein. Open, airy, and quirky atmosphere.

  32. Ranchero Salad from Green Hearty BBQ wings smothered in ranch dressing and nestled in a bed of fresh greens with shredded carrots added for good measure.

  33. Tom-Kha (a.k.a. coconut soup, Tom-Kha Het or Tom-Kha Taohu) Available at many Thai restaurants including: 5 R Cha Thai Bistro, Thai Basil, Mango Thai Vegetarian Restaurant, Thai E-san, and Thai Elephant. If you like coconut, this is for you! Make sure to ask for a veg version using no fish, fish-based oyster sauce or chicken stock.

  34. Gardein™ Burger from Yard House This delicious burger patty is available on all burgers, some of which can easily be customized to be vegan. Clearly the best meaty tasting veg burger on the market! Just be sure to order it on the onion bun (and ask for no butter).

  35. Smokin’ BLT from Pomegranate Café Smokey vegan mayo, fresh avocado, and tempeh bacon.

  36. Frappuccinos from Starbuck’s Creamy and sugary delights! A few of the crème and coffee options are vegan. Just order with soymilk sans whipped cream. Vegan options include Café Vanilla Frappuccino® Blended Coffee and Mocha Frappuccino® Blended Coffee as well as non-coffee options labeled as Blended Crèmes (Vanilla Bean, Coconut, and Strawberries and Crème). Look for seasonal flavors and have fun with the powered flavor shakers.

  37. Vegan Italian Sausage Parmigiana Sub from Pizza Heaven Bistro

  38. More Cupcakes!Including the Crème-Filled Nami from Nami, mini cupcakes from Nami, Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes, and the Churro Cupcake from Treehouse Bakery. These are sure to satisfy anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth!

  39. Dishes with a kick from SoChu House Delicious dishes include but are not limited to: Spicy Saigon (with cauliflower, tofu, and mushrooms in a spicy basil sauce), Hong Kong Flat Rice, and Sizzling Udon.

  40. Vegan breakfast specials from 24 CarrotsAmazing pancake, French toast, and eggless dishes as well as sweet treats and breakfast wraps centered around local and organic ingredients. Since everything is prepared from scratch, keep in mind that the wait may be a bit longer.

  41. Southwest Scramble (vegan version) from Pita Jungle Tempe locationDuring weekend brunch only. Big on flavor and portion size.

  42. Vegan Lamb via Chef’s Sampler Platter at Bombay Spice Grill and WineIncludes all four house made sauces, or via Create Your Entrée which allows you to choose the single sauce that appeals to you. The Chef’s Sampler Platter isn’t listed on the menu, so just ask for it. A flavorful meal!

  43. Winkie from Nami and (Green in Tempe on occasion) Think Twinkie™ but fresher tasting and mostly organic.

  44. Garlic Sensation from Loving Hut (Central Phoenix) Veggie meat with vegetables, and you guessed it, garlic.

  45. Mango and Sticky Rice from Malee’s Thai Bistro (seasonal)A staple Thai dessert rich in coconut milk goodness.

  46. Tag Pic Pac (with Angel Hair) from Carrabba’s Italian Grill With unlimited bread. Get the oil and vinegar for salad dressing or use the delicious dipping sauce for the bread as a salad dressing, too. A hearty meal indeed!

  47. Hot Bar and Salad Bar at Whole FoodsGreat selection of vegan foods.

  48. The Naughty Nurse Melt from Luci’s Healthy MarketplaceReplace the mozzarella with yummy Daiya vegan mozzarella on an Artisan Light Baguette or Multigrain Baguette.

  49. Dim Sum from C-Fu GourmetHomemade choices free of animal products abound at this Asian restaurant. Must-tries, some of which change from visit to visit, include: vegan sausage, mochi (rice-based dessert), sesame balls (the best we’ve tasted), vegan dumplings (savory and slightly sweet), and fried vegetable rolls. For a better idea of the veg offerings of the day, just ask someone at the cash register and they will gladly help you out.

  50. Guacamole and Chips from Gallo Blanco CaféGuacamole with a citrus-packed punch. Just ask for no cotija.

  51. Vegan Eggs Benedict from 24 CarrotsTwo firm, organic, egg-free yolks with homemade “bacon,” garlic aioli, avocado, and tomato on whole wheat toast with an organic salad and fruit. You can taste the TLC in every bite!

    24 carrots eggs benedict

  52. Sage Lemongrass from Loving Hut (Central Phoenix)The wedges of chicken-like “meat” are the highlights of this dish. One of their top sellers.

  53. The Hot Veggie Sandwich with Vegan Cheese from Pizza Heaven Bistro

  54. Mango Coconut Tapioca from Fresh MintRich and creamy!

  55. Beyond Meat® Chicken from Whole FoodsFound in the cold case in the prepared foods section. Beyond Meat Chicken is a fabulous, great tasting vegan chicken that even fooled New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman in a blind taste test.

  56. Tex-Mex Burritos and FajitasIncluding the Vegetarian Fajita (with black beans, guac, grilled veggies, and fixin’s) from Chipotle and the Vegetarian Burrito (with pinto and black beans, rice, guacamole, and fixin’s) from Qdoba.

  57. Vegan Ethio "Coffee Cake" at Juba in Tempe (formerly Blue Nile) This delicious cake is more like a layer cake. Choose from orange or strawberry – both are good but we like the strawberry the best).

  58. Macaroons (both chocolate and blonde) from Pomegranate CaféRaw yumminess!

    pomegranate macaroons

  59. Coconut & Taro Soymilk Boba TeaOr try another combination of fabulous flavors from The Street. Creamy dessert drink with balls of boba (chewy tapioca starch). Don’t want the boba? Try it sans boba.

  60. SushiAvocado Sushi from Ra Sushi and the "Vegetarian Sweet Potato Roll" at Sushi 101.

  61. Cheesecakes from Earth CaféThe fruit flavored cheesecakes are particularly scrumptious and include Cherry Dream, Strawberry Fields Forever, and Cali Style Lemon while others rave about the Who’s Your Daddy? Carob Mousse. Although they are not made in a local establishment, we couldn’t resist featuring these delicious gluten-free, raw, and largely organic treats that are available at most valleywide Whole Foods. A strong seller at Whole Foods.

  62. Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen Mex and MatchHow about Black Bean Chimichangas with tomatillo salsa and guacamole? Just hold the cheese.

  63. Garlic Dip from Pita JungleGarlic lovers rejoice!

  64. Vegetarian Pho from Rice Paper EateryAs one fan proclaimed after eating it, “Pho-nomenal!”

  65. Spicy Asian Food on the Go from Pei WeiSpicy Korean (w/ or w/o tofu) and Thai Dynamite (w/tofu). Two thumbs up!

  66. Tempeh Grilled Hoagie from Mellow MushroomAdd Daiya Cheese and nix the feta and pesto mayo.

  67. Soup of the Day from 24 Carrots Juice Bar and CaféFreshly made and always good! Carrot Ginger featured below.

    24 carrots carrot ginger soup

  68. Whole Wheat Pancakes (vegan version) from Pita Jungle Tempe locationDuring weekend brunch only.

  69. Ethiopian EatsA staple of Ethiopian meals, injera bread - a protein-rich bread that is somewhat spongy and porous in nature - is served with most meals in lieu of utensils. Try the Strictly Vegan Combo from Juba (in Tempe, formerly Blue Nile), where you choose from five vegetable- and bean-based offerings (out of ten) or opt for the Misir Watt (lentils) from Café Lalibela. Both are full of flavor, quite filling, and include copious amounts of injera bread!

  70. Spicy Lemongrass Noodle Soup from Fresh MintA generous portion that’s teeming with flavor.

    fresh mint lemongrass soup

  71. Sambussa from Juba in Tempe (formerly Blue Nile)A pair of flaky dough-formed shells filled with potatoes, sautéed spinach, cauliflower, garlic, and mushroom.

  72. Lentil Fetoosh Salad from Pita JungleA very generous portion of food. (Ask for a vegan substitution for the Greek Pita Chips).

  73. Biryani with Vegan Chicken from Bombay Spice Grill and WineMeaty “chicken” and tasty dish.

  74. Three Bean Chili from NourishBlack, red, and white beans in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with avocado.

  75. Easy Day Trip Grub from Lovin’ Spoonfuls Vegetarian RestaurantAlthough not located in the Valley, it’s worth checking out this popular restaurant during a visit to Tucson. Breakfast specialties include: pancakes, scrambles, waffles, and French toast. Tasty non-breakfast options range from Tempura Shrimp, the Homemade Adzuki Burger, and Route 66 Bacon Cheeseburger to the Country Fried Chicken Platter, Piccadilly Nut Loaf (a British no sauce-style hazelnut loaf), and Old Country Lasagna. Specials sometimes include fried shrimp and fried fish sandwiches. Choose from over a dozen milk shakes, a variety of cakes, and specialty desserts that often change weekly. Yum!

  76. Streamliner™ Burger and Fries from Johnny RocketsA fun dining option to check out while shopping.

  77. Drunken noodlesOrder a vegan version at many Thai restaurants across the Valley. A rich and satisfying meal. Specify no fish sauce, oyster-based fish sauce, chicken stock, egg or egg noodles.

  78. Tofu Spinach Potstickers from Malee’s Thai Bistro

  79. Macadamia Carrot Cake from Loving Hut (Central Phoenix)Dense and satisfying!

    loving hut carrot cake

  80. Spicy Black Bean Pita from Pita Pit

  81. FalafelSweet Falafel Pita (with a stop at the condiment bar) from Tsom, Falafel Sandwich Under $3 from Haji Baba, and Falafel Pita from Pita Jungle. With numerous falafel options across the Valley, these are just a sampling of some favorites.

  82. Spinach Pasta Salad from Pita JungleA very generous portion of food.

  83. Cash Money from The Main Ingredient Ale House and CaféHouse-made cashew butter, red pepper-cabernet jelly, & banana served on sourdough bread. Just order it sans the butter.

  84. Banana Cake from Loving Hut (Glendale)Tired of icky sweet frosting with no flavor outside of the sugar? Then this will literally be the frosting on the cake for you!

  85. Vegan Blueberry Muffins from most Whole Foods BakeriesMoist and chocked full of blueberries.

  86. HummusOver the last several years, hummus has made its way onto dozens of Valley restaurant menus. Since our favorites are too numerous to list, we’ll simply recommend two faves, the Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus and Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus from any Pita Jungle.

  87. Soft Pretzels on the RunThe Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel from Auntie Anne’s is a surprisingly good snack to be had while shopping in malls nationwide, including those in the Valley. Just specify no butter. Also be sure to check out Jamba Juice’s Apple Cinnamon pretzel at one of several locations in the Phoenix area, including on the ASU Tempe Campus.

  88. Cherry Italian Ice from Rita’s Italian IceA super thirst quencher on a scorching day!

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